William F. Moran Jr.  - Forever a Legend 
by Steve Shackleford
Photography by Francesco Pachě

This beautiful, oversized (10" x 12") , full color tribute to the life and work of W.F. "Bill" Moran, Jr. contains hundreds of exquisite photographs of Moran’s work along with vintage photos of Bill Moran, his famous shop, and celebrities who purchased knives from him.

This book is published by the William F. Moran Jr. Museum & Foundation, dedicated to preserving Moran's legacy. The Moran Foundation has restored the forge Moran built in 1960 near Middletown, Maryland and hosts events there on a regular basis.

A few words from the photographer, Francesco Pachě:

Every subject was photographed against a neutral background, which was then eliminated during the processing by inserting the final background. This allowed for maximum and consistent control of light on the subjects.

For photographing the knives, I used an optical bench precision camera. It provides great control of perspective and depth of field. This camera was complemented by two exceptional APO-Digitar lenses from Schneider Optics of Germany: 120mm/5,6 aspheric and 150mm/5,6.

The P25 Phase One digital back completed the basic photo equipment. For the lighting system I used Tota Lights from the Lowel company.

After the shots I started the long work in studio to process all the images and complete the layout of the book. My wife Mirella and I did it with Apple computers and Eizo monitors.

I’m very happy of the result of this book having the great opportunity to work on the knives of Bill Moran and know better the man that really created part of the modern knife-making history.

Hardcover, full color photos, 212 pp. Comes in a protective slipcover case.

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