James B. Lile, The Arkansas Knifesmith<br>
--Knifemaker to the World<br>
by Jack Lucarelli and John Henry Hill, Jr.<br>
authorized by Marilyn Lile Miller

James B. "Jimmy" Lile (1934-1991), "The Arkansas Knifesmith", was a true pioneer in the field of handmade knives. Jimmy's vast influence on the field is evident in his status as a member of both the Cutlery Hall of Fame and the Bladesmith Hall of Fame, as well as the way in which which his knives are sought after by today's collectors.

Jimmy designed and made the First Blood and “Rambo - The Mission” knives for Sylvester Stallone and presented many of his handmade custom knives to Presidents, including Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Clinton, dignitaries, celebrities and high-ranking military officers including Colin Powell and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.

For the past five years the partnership, Jimmy Lile Knives, LLC, has collected and compiled Lile knife photos, technical data, anecdotes, personal photographs and info about Jimmy Lile. All of this and more is included in this spectacular newbook. Originally expected to total 240 pages, it grew to 536 pages due to the voluminous amount of materials the authors had access to.

"Wow! Wow! Wow! Great work! The book gets better each time I read it. Jimmy would have been excited, proud and happy to see this even though he never wanted recognition for anything he did. I feel so honored to have worked with all of you, and appreciate the respect you have for Jimmy and all his hard work. Thanks again. Jimmy and I are proud." - - - Marilyn Lile Miller

An impressive, massive new volume, with gorgeous knife photography, personal photos, historical clippings and detailed collector information such as production quantities.

James B. Lile, The Arkansas Knifesmith--Knifemaker to the World
by Jack Lucarelli and John Henry Hill, Jr. Authorized by Marilyn Lile Miller
Hardcover, 536 pp. with 80 pages full color. (Weighs over six pounds!) Standard Edition; dust jackets with French folds on top and bottom edges, hand-installed over Kennett book cloth in standard colors and finishes, wrapped over 3mm grey binder boards and Mylar stamped on spines and front lids.

Published and printed in the U.S.A.

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