Blade's Guide to Making Knives, 3rd Edition
edited by Joe Kertzman

Get the inside edge on knifemaking from the top names in the field with Blade's Guide to Making Knives, 3rd Edition. This indispensable and updated guide gives step-by-step instruction on making some of the most popular knives around. You'll learn to create your perfect blade, whether it is a folding knife, dagger, bowie or anything in between. And the reference's vivid illustrations make certain expert and novice knife craftsmen get the point of every tip and technique presented.

Authored by an all-star cast of knifemakers and knife experts, with Blade's Guide to Making Knives, 3rd Edition you'll be certain that you're learning the trade from the best. You'll learn forging blade steel from Don Fogg, wax casting from Kevin Hoffman, knife designing from Ryan Johnson and many other vital techniques from top experts in the field.

This guide contains information on: Forging, Grinding, Heat Treating, Etching, Polishing, Sharpening, How to Make Blades, How to Make Pommels, How to Make Handles, How to Make Custom Sheaths.

How to Make a Bushcraft Blade
Making the Using Knife
How to Build a Wakizashi
Forging Steel from Raw Materials
Combo Weapons: A History and How-To
Building a Demascus Locking-Liner Folder
Lost Wax Casting for Guards & Pommels
Designing a Knife Using CAD Software
Fashion and Hone a San Mai Kitchen Knife

Blade's Guide to Making Knives, 3rd ed.
edited by Joe Kertzman
Softcover, color photos, 208 pp.

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