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The KNIVES annual series is currently published by Krause Publications of Iola, WI. We have no affiliation with their publisher, other than we buy an awful lot of books from them.

We've constructed this index in order to help those of you who are searching for articles on a particular topic, or who want to know what the previous editions of KNIVES contain. This index does NOT include a listing of the makers who are listed or whose work is photographed in each edition - we're going to leave it to somebody else to build that index...

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Knives '81 Check Availability
Title Author
The Knife as Artifact Warner, Ken
The Knife as Tool Woods, Jim
Knives '82 Check Availability
The African Blade Martins, Theo
The Essence of San Francisco: California's Classic Cutlery Levine, Bernard
Forks 'n' Knives of Note Woods, Jim
Bill Moran's Paperweight for Sara and Knife for Seth Warner, Ken
Funny Things, Knives Warner, Ken
Knives '83 Check Availability
William Wales Scagel: Master Craftsman Lambert, Glen
Confessions of a Custom Grinder Engnath, Bob
Collecting Old Knives Levine, Bernard
The Murphy Knife Company Again Warner, Ken
The Truth About Club Knives Voyles, Bruce
The Log of a Hammer-In Schmidt, James A.
The Stahl Knives Warner, Ken
Knives '84 Check Availability
A Knife that Killed a Lion Martins, Theo
The Importance of Being Henry (D.E. Henry) Edmondson, J.R.
The Courthouse Traders Voyles, Bruce
The Opinel Story Jorion, Serge
The Kris: Malaysia's Bowie Knife Halsey, Ashley Jr.
F.J. Richtig: Believe it or Not Cutler Lambert, Glen
Knifemaking Techniques Engnath, Bob
Knives '85 Check Availability
Knives as History Levine, Bernard
Knives as Money Voyles, Bruce
Will the Real V-44 Please Stand Up? Henry, D.E.
The Unique Swords of Old Mexico Adams, Bill
The Mystery of the Quaker Bread Knife Halsey, Ashley Jr.
Where Cutlery Works for a Living Rotz, Bill
Whither are we Drifting? Winter, Butch
The Mystique of the Fighting Knife Bretnor, Reginald
Knives '86 Check Availability
The Decline and Fall of the Sheffield Empire Voyles, Bruce
Scavenging in Sheffield's Ruins Adams, Bill
Knives and the Rule of Loss Russell, A.G.
Honest Knife Bargains You Can Find Levine, Bernard
A Return to a Sharper Time Warner, Ken
Survival Knives? Winter, Butch
Surgical Cutlery in the American West Snyder, William S.
Levine's Guide to Knives and Their Values Warner, Ken
Knives '87 Check Availability
Hype! Reinhardt, Hank
Loveless Looks Back Warner, Ken
Not Currently on Display Levine, Bernard
Finding NKCA's Museum Warner, Ken
Butch on Fighters Winter, Butch
A Portrait of the Knife as an Artist's Tool Warner, Ken
The Six Easy Knives of World War II Cole, M.H.
The German Approach Williamson, Jim
Knives '88 Check Availability
50 Years of Randall Knives Warner, Ken
There is No Best Sword Reinhardt, Hank
Bowie and Black: Fiction or Fact? Hughes, B.R.
Hollow Handle History Levine, Bernard
More About Richtig Suedmeier, Harlan
Knives of the Gaucho Domenech, Abel A.
Handmade Knives in Argentina Today Domenech, Abel A.
Knives '89 Check Availability
Knives in the Fur Trade Dick, Steven
Norwegian Knives Today Kiaer, Ajas
The Fighting Knives of Floyd Nichols Suedmeier, Harlan
Not Much for Looks, Maybe Levine, Bernard
The Escape From Loveless Warner, Ken
Knives '90 Check Availability
The Great Blades of Java Maisey, Alan
The Ultimate Weapon Dick, Steven
When Webster Marble Invented the American Hunting Knife Levine, Bernard
High Art from Spain Miller, Rick
The Replicated Sword of Sutton Hoo Warner, Ken
The History of Christy Warner, Ken
Knives '91 Check Availability
25 Years Ago Warner, Ken
Collectible Finnish Knives Ristinen, Lester C.
A Guide to Collecting the Katana Snyder, Wm. S.
The Times and the Knives of Rudy Ruana Haviland, John
The Manhattan Bowie Henry, D.E.
Patterns I Like Levine, Bernard
Enter the Sheepskinner Dick, Steven
The Knives I Keep Harris, C.E.
Obituary - W.D. Randall, Jr. Warner, Ken
Knives '92 Check Availability
A Collection Can Grow on You Warner, Ken
By Any Other Name, it's Still a Kabar Dick, Steven
The Legacy of John Nelson Cooper Martin, W.A. and Paul Basch
Nordic Knives Today Ristinen, Les
Knife Patents of World War II Cole, M.H.
What is a Butcher Knife? Levine, Bernard
In Our House We Use the Knives of the Professionals Dick, Steven
High Art Bowies From India Miller, Rick
Knives '93 Check Availability
In Search of No. 6 Choy Doh Dick, Steven
Knives of the Canary Islands Gannaway, Woodson
A Navy Knife of the Great War Levine, Bernard
We Called Him Mr. Ruana Strong, Lance
The Stuffs Knives are Made of Warner, Ken
The Knives I Kept Lachuk, John
Hawkbill Pruning Knives Stein, Richard
The EDMF and its Desert Storm Knives Dick, Steven
The Other Knives of Desert Storm Warner, Ken
Knives '94 Check Availability
The Truth About the Black Knife Dick, Steven
The Rest of the Story Warner, Ken
What the Heck is a Camp Knife Anyway? Dick, Steven
Leave the Wall-Hangers at Home Rychetnik, Joe
The Knives of Youth Levine, Bernard
An Old Man's Knives McCord, Howard
Marble's Ideal Schreier, Konrad
The Great Knife Minnis, Gordon
We May Never Know the Real Bowie Warner, Ken and Timothy Potier
Looking at Japanese Swords Pressley, Allan H.
Sharp Knives are Dangerous Rychetnik, Joe
My Magnificent $10 Dexter Warner, Ken
Machetes and their Uses in Costa Rica Dick, Steven
Knives '95 Check Availability
Telling the Truth About Forging Wood, William W.
The Knife Bayonet in U.S. Service Schreier, Konrad
Early American Frontier Daggers Minnis, Gordon
Knives on Stamps Schuessler, Raymond
Origami I Have Seen Pressley, Allan H.
The Perfect Knives of George Leonard Herter Dick, Steven
The Lookout's Bowie Dick, Steven
Levine's Latest Warner, Ken
The Woodcraft: Marble's Best Seller Schreier, Konrad
Thoughts on Swords Maringer, Tom
Knives '96 Check Availability
Matt Helm's Knives & Mine Hamilton, Donald
The Ax in the Modern Woods Dick, Steven
The Functional Characteristics of Swords Maringer, Tom
A Perplexity of Pocket Tools Rychetnik, Joe
The Shapes of Japanese Blades Pressley, Allan H.
Special Blades for Special Jobs Levine, Bernard
The Knives of Corsica Caranta, Raymond
Finally... One Good Pocketknife Foral, Jim
Knives '97 Check Availability
The Characteristics of Scagel Knives Lucie, Jim
No More Mr. Knife Guy Collins, Jack
The Vagaries of Values Levine, Bernard
The Chute Knife Brubaker, Paul
The Harry Archer Influence Warner, Ken
The Most Personal Knife Dick, Steven
Practical Japanese Sword Collecting Pressley, Allan H.
The Lesson of the Ham Knife Warner, Ken
Rudy Ruana... in the Tradition of James Black Newman, Marc
Another Stab at the Truth About Edges Warner, Ken
Coming Full Cycle Burke, Jerry
Knives '98 Check Availability
The London Hunting Knife Levine, Bernard
The Daggers of the Asmat Strong, Lance
Substance over Symbolism Brubaker, Paul
John Russell's Romantic Adventure Mroz, Ralph
My Affaire with Boot Knives Collins, Jack
Thinking About the Serviceable Edge Warner, Ken
Stay Sharp in Your Old Age Rychetnik, Joe
In Search of Our Holy Grail Collins, Jack
Hang it on Your Belt Rychetnik, Joe
World War II's Best Soldier's Knife Karwan, Charles W.
Knives '99 Check Availability
The Knives of the Texas Rangers Burke, Jerry
The Characteristics of a Moran Knife Holter, Wayne V.
The All-Round Stockman Folder Dick, Steven
File Knives: Fact or Fantasy Levine, Bernard
Saw Your Way to Survival Karwan, Chuck
A New Country Boy Looks at Knives Collins, Jack
The Knives We Sold... and the Knives We Didn't Winter, Rita & Butch
Knives 2000 Check Availability
Great Bowie Knives I Have Known... Levine, Bernard
Finding Okapi Dick, Steven
The Many, Many Prices of Knives Voyles, Bruce
The Invented Knife Warner, Ken
My $50 Counterfeit? Winter, Butch
The New Marbles: Better Knives and Better Designs Karwan, C.W.
The Fighting Knife Thing... Collins, Jack
The New One Hand-Opening Folders Karwan, C.W.
In Search of the Schiavona Sutt, Karel
Knives 2001 Check Availability
Flashing Blades Crews, Edward R.
Dances With Deer Collins, Jack
Let Western Cutlery Cut Into Your Collection White, Richard
Vanished Firms, Discontinued Knives and the Future of Collecting Levine, Bernard
Buckskinnin' and Grinnin' Kelley, Gary
It's Just a Wedge if it Ain't Got That Edge Levine, Bernard
Martyrdom Meant the Roman Short Sword Bean, Greg
Old Advertising Knives Had Attitude White, Richard
Meet A Frontier Lady: The Ames Rifleman's Knife of 1849 Fowler, Ed
Few Came Before the Mediterranean Dirk Winter, Butch
Knives 2002 Check Availability
Edged Weapons of the American Revolution Crews, Edward R.
Neck Knives Hang Loose Ewing, Dexter
The 10 Strangest Collectible Knives White, Richard
How to Make That Dull Knife Blade Cut Goddard, Wayne
The Single-Bevel Edge: Not Just for Chisels Anymore Halvorsen, Rod
Know Your Knife Rights Nappen, Evan F.
A Sharp Fokos Makes the Trip a Little Smoother Szilaski, Joseph
Move Over Gladiator: Bring On William Marshall, Lord of the Sword Bean, Greg
Let the Bowie Ride Just Below the Belly Lombardo, Anthony
Uncover the Secrets Hidden Beyond the Blade Fowler, Ed
Knives 2003 Check Availability
More Than Just Theater Knives, They're Freedom Fighters White, Richard
The Lure of Sword Canes Lingers Today Ayres, James
Hammerin' Hot Steel Aussie Style Spencer, Keith
Knives I Have Loved and Lost Smith, Linda Moll
Knife Lover Seeks Single, Shapely, Sharp Blade with Medium Build Collins, Jack
Now Playing: The Powdered-Mosaic-Damascus Review Martin, Peter
She's a Battle Axe Bean, Greg
The Whole Knife Kit 'n' Cuttin' Caboodle Ewing, Dexter
Meet the Maestros of Steel Making Szilaski, Joseph
Building Blades in a South Boston Distillery Hollis, Durwood
Knives 2004 Check Availability
Living in the Ruana Knife Legacy Strong, Lance
Experience Sword Art - Korean Style Bean, Greg
Bill Moran Embodies the True Knife Craftsman Beaucant, Dominique
The Swan Song of the Balisong White, Richard
The Mount Everest of Knifemaking Haskew, Mike
Swing Low, Sweet Chopper Halvorsen, Rod
Meier - The Steel Magician Jensen, John Lewis
Sheep Horn Horns in on Stag Collins, J.
Survival Knives Ayres, James
The Most Illegal Knife in America Nappen, Evan F.
Knives 2005 Check Availability
A Forge Where Magic Knives Are Made Ayres, James
Always Heat Your Leftovers Hollis, Durwood
Land the Finest in Fish Knives White, Richard
Bear Hunting With a Virtual Ed Fowler Nappen, Evan
Family Forges Smith, Linda Moll
A Bloke Who Builds More Than Blades Spencer, Keith
A Meeting of the Mosaic Damascus Minds Szilaski, Joe
Pop Open a Serious Auto Knife Ewing, Dexter
The Knifemaker Who Never Works Bean, Greg
The Search for the Perfect Pocketknife Overton, Mac
Knives 2006 Check Availability
Knives and ‘A Century of Progress’ Richard D. White
The Addictive, Rhythmic Beat of Offbeat Folders William Hovey Smith
Go Ahead, Make My Blade Rod Halvorsen
The Perfect Survival Blade James Ayres
Are Daggers Sporting Knives? Evan F. Nappen
Neck Knives—Blades You Can Hang With Linda Moll Smith
Save a Blade--Heave a Sheath Durwood Hollis
Laminated Blades Loom Large Mac Overton
Peruse the Fine Edges of the Philippines Greg Bean
Net Those Knives as if They’re Big Fish Roger Combs
Knives 2007 Check Availability
Famous Blades that Never Existed Dr. Louis P. Nappen
Knifemakers of the Aloha State Mike Haskew
Recording Military History on Knives Keith Spencer
The Kididashi Cometh Michael Burch
Machines make the Knifemaker Allen Elishewitz
Befuddling Blade Shapes Richard D. White
Revisit the Golden Age of the Sword Edward Crews
Schooled in the Ways of the Willow Bow Smith Evan F. Nappen
Getting Knives into Soldiers' Hands James Ayres
He Lives to Embellish Knives and Tomahawks Joe Szilaski
You Can't Beat a Good Heat Treat Mac Overton
Knives 2008 Check Availability
The Knifemakers of La Hu Si Leslie Clary
Archaic, Bizarre and Common Knife Superstitions Dr. Louis Nappen
Dissecting the Handmade Knife Allen Elishewitz
Practicing Steel Manipulation Mike Haskew
Butterfly Knives Take Wing Michael Burch
A Tale of Two Knives James Ayres
Blades Bookend the Roman Empire Greg Bean
Knuckle Down with Knuckle Knives Evan Nappen
Bayonet Hunting Gets the Blood Pumping William Hovey Smith
Ease into the E-Lock Dexter Ewing
Knives 2009 Check Availability
He Was the Master (Jim Schmidt) Steve Shackleford
The Startling Clean, Steely Icicle Amanda Anderson Sullivan
Dining Knives in Folds of Sashes Leslie Jordan Clary
The Magical Unicorn Knife Don Guild
Hunting Knives a Notch Above Durwood Hollis
Confederate Edged Weapons: Rare and Valuable Edward Crews
Schooled in the Ways of the Samurai (Murray Carter) William Hovey Smith
The Leanest, Meanest Tactical Folders Dexter Ewing
Soulful and Catchy Knives (Brian Chovanec) Keith Spencer
Knife Proverbs for Every Occasion Dr. Louis P. Nappen
Knives 2010 Check Availability
It's a Flip Fest Michael Burch
Top Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Knives Jordan Clary
A Lifestyle, Not Just a Hobby Steve Shackleford
Goo-Goo-Eyed for Gemstone Knives Mike Haskew
Discovered! The Fine Art of Guilloche Allen Elishewitz
Fine Knives From the Far North Roderick T. Halvorsen
Road Trips Gave Birth to the Souvenir Knife Richard D. White
Walkabout in Werewolf Country James Morgan Ayres
Chips Off the Old Rock William Hovey Smith
Plug Bayonets - Literally Last-Ditch Weapons Greg Bean
Knives 2011 Check Availability
A Fondness for San Francisco Knives Roger Pinnock
Besh Wedge in the Business Michael Janich
Leave it to Cleaver Roderick T. Halvorsen
Trip the Knife Fantastic James Morgan Ayres
Scrim that Drives Men Crazy! Don Guild
Feel the Frictional Heat Durwood Hollis
Giving Back to the World of Knives Mike Haskew
Swordplay Renaissance Style Jordan Clary
Why Do We Love Knives? William Hovey Smith
Discover Classic Villager's Blade Art Keith Spencer
Knives 2012 Check Availability
Ladies of the Knife Don Guild
From Beach Sand to Blade Tim Zowada
Swords of Norse Warriors Vincent Evans
Tips for Carving Titanium Grips Matt Cucchiara
Soap, Strop and Shave Richard D. White
Zero Tolerance for Knives in School Louis P. Nappen
Finest Features of Loveless Knives Durwood Hollis
Honed for Hollywood Mike Haskew
The Runaway Tactical Train Pat Covert
Tactical Tuxedos Michael Burch
Knives 2013 Check Availability
Tips for Knifemakers - A Collector's Perspective Roger Pinnock
Latest Friction Folders are Freaky Good! Michael Burch
Arms of Malta ... Sally Forth Into Pitched Battle James Morgan Ayres
Fat Times for Slip-Joint Followers Pat Covert
The Knifemakers' Guild - A Strong Alliance of Independent Artists Kevin Hoffman
Art Knives as Investments Don Guild
Large Folding Hunters Swallow the Hand Richard D. White
The Knife Aquatic Mike Haskew
Formidable Tactical Folders Dexter Ewing
"Big" is in the Blood of the Claymore User Greg Bean
Knives 2014 Check Availability
The Decathlete of Big Blades Roger Pinnock
Climbing Knives Are Heaven Sent Greg Bean
Voila! There’s An Art Knife Don Guild
Fueling the Switchblade Obsession Michael Janich
Enjoy an Engraving Tutorial Wally Hayes
Shopping Mauls? We’ve Got You Covered Roderick T. Halvorsen
Blades of the Grand Bazaar James Morgan Ayres
Factories Drink from the Custom Maker Well Dexter Ewing
How to Strop a Straight Razor Tim Zowada
The High Carbon Diet Pat Covert
Knives 2015 Check Availability
"The First Knife I Ever Made" Haskew, Mike
Are Quality Knives Worth the Quid? Halvorsen, Roderick T.
Switching to Survival Knife Mode Ayres, James Morgan
A Sword for a Warrior King Evans, Vince
The Art Knife Goes International Guild, Don
Knives Hidden in Plain Sight Nappen, Evan F.
Knife Trading Along Emigrant Trails Clary, Jordan
Feeding his Fixed-Blade Fixation Janich, Michael
Frame-Lock Fever! Covert, Pat
Knives 2016 Check Availability
"Buy What You Like... That You Can Afford" Les Robertson
"Filigree, Inlay and Pique - Hot Knife Art Trio" Mike Haskew
"Who Are These Sharp Little Runts?" Pat Covert
"World's First Bloomery Steel/ Meteorite Razor?" Tim Zowada
"Wares of the Old World" James Morgan Ayres
"Color My Knife World" Wally Hayes
"The Three Amigos of the Buck Knives Line" Roderick T Halvorsen
"Fix Bayonets!" Edward R. Crews
"Inspired By Old Knives in His Collection" Joe Szilaski
Knives 2017 Check Availability
"Blade Wizardry in Burgundy" James Morgan Ayres
"Desert Ironwood is One Hot Burl" Mike Haskew
"Visceral Allure of the Bowie" Les Robertson
"How Real Smiths Melt Steel" Tim Zowada
"Fine Tuning Folders" Wally Hayes
"Kantou: Appreciation of Japanese Swords" Leon Kapp
"Survival of the Bush-Craftiest" Pat Covert
"Taking Knife Passion to the Next Level" David W. Jung
"The Magical Swords of Norse Lore" Leslie Jordan Clary
Knives 2018 Check Availability
"Magic & Mystery of the Bowie Knife" Steve E. Hill
"The Wharncliffe Goes Tactical" Michael Janich
"My Move into Mid-Tech Knifemaking" Steve Schwarzer
"A True History of the Tomahawk" Ryan M. Johnson
"Knifemakers of the North Country" Mike Haskew
"Heavenly Blades" Leslie Clary
"Plunge in with Dive Knives" Evan F. Nappen
"Traveling with Knives in Europe" James Morgan Ayres
"Eye-Popping Edges" Pat Covert
"Tactical Folder Collaborations Keep Rolling" Dexter Ewing

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