Knife World 20th Anniversary Knife
4th Edition

One of the hottest patterns in knife collecting, this 5-blade Sowbelly Stockman measures a full 3-7/8" long, with honey bone handles, slanted-pinched bolsters, a special Knife World shield, and a blade etch designating each knife as one of 350. Each knife is serial numbered and individually boxed. As always, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

As the reference to "4th Edition" would indicate, this is the 4th knife that we have had made in very limited numbers. The first was in 1982, our 5th Anniversary of publishing Knife World; the 2nd and 3rd were in 1987 and 1992, respectively. We're not in the knife business as such and have limited our knife sales to each five-year anniversary. While there are no guarantees, some of our knives now bring two to three times their original price and the 20th Anniversary Knives should be good investments for the future.

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Every five years since 1982, we have offered a limited edition knife to collectors. Over the years, we have informally bought, sold, and traded these knives so that we might have a few on hand for the newer collectors.

The following information is provided as a service. If you are searching for any of these knives, contact us by phone or email and we will try to assist you.

1982 1st Edition Knife World Knife by Cripple Creek, 1 of 2000 (pictured at 3 'o clock). This knife was made in an old Union Cut. Co. pattern, and is best described as a swell-center jack that has a 'kink' in the center, with candle-end bolsters and trapper-style clip and long spey blades. The handles are brown jigged bone, ranging from honey colored to a deep brown depending on the knife. Was originally $45. We usually do not have any on hand. When found, they generally bring around $125.

1987 2nd Edition Knife World Knife by Cripple Creek, 1 of 500 (pictured at high noon). This knife is a large equal-end 'cigar' pattern, with big clip and spear blades in a moose configuration (i.e. one from each end.) The handles are a deep brown jigged bone. Original cost was $65. These are rather difficult to come by, and we usually do not have any on hand. When found, they generally bring $125 to $140. The knives with lower serial numbers were made without a center liner, and bring an additional premium over the higher serial numbered knives.

1992 3rd Edition Knife World Knife by Fight'n Rooster, 1 of 500 (pictured at 9 'o clock). This knife is a large 'powderhorn,' 'Texas toothpick,' 'tickler,' or whatever you might want to call it. It has a gold washed clip point blade and buffalo horn handles that range from black with white streaks to some that are mostly greenish streaked. A really flashy knife. Original cost was $65, and they are all gone except for a handful that have small flaws in the horn handle material -- we will sell these for about our original cost (contact us if interested. Perfect examples currently fetch $70-75 each.

1997 4th Edition Knife World Knife by Winchester, 1 of 350 (pictured and described at top of page). These are all sold out as well, and are currently selling at prices just over their original $95.00 cost.

Knife World has also offered two limited-edition "Ambassador" knives to our lifetime subscribers (a program that has since been discontinued). These knives are very difficult to come by as only 150 of each were produced and the owners don't ever seem to turn them loose. We generally do not have any for sale.

1989 Knife World Ambassador Knife by Fight'n Rooster, 1 of 150 (pictured at center / 7 'o clock). This is a two blade pearl-handled sowbelly with copperhead-style blades, three-color etching, and a fancy shield. A really attractive knife, the value of these has gone from an issue price of $85 to a current collector value of $185.

1992 Knife World Ambassador Knife by Cripple Creek, 1 of 150 (pictured at 5 'o clock). This stag handled three backspring whittler was built on a swell-center serpentine frame with clip, pen, and coping blades. It originally sold for $120, but today the going rate is up to $240.

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